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My name is Anna Joy French. I am a wife, mom, soon-to-be college graduate, trained graphic/web designer, and a self-taught seamstress. I recently married my boyfriend of 8 years and the papa of my son. That is a whole God redeeming story that deserves a post on it’s own. I am a mama to a very energetic and independent 4 year old who loves to build legos and puzzles. I am about to graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications AKA Graphic Design. I will start work full time as a graphic/web designer for a marketing company in December. And last but not least, I run For The Love of Joy, where I made Child’s Name Pillows and Patchwork Boppy Covers for the last 4 years. This next year, I will be focused more on designing quilt patterns, fabrics, and teaching what I know about quilting to others who are just starting out! I live in Texas and love being outdoors camping and hiking with my family. I love animals and wish I had a farm and could do that full time. I am a “crunchy” mom that buys all organic foods, drinks raw milk, and rubs essential oils on her family. And that’s about it!

Anna Joy

I am so excited to go to Hope Spoken. I recently found out about this conference a couple of months ago. I had no idea that it was happening mainly in part because I haven’t read blogs or followed much of anyone awesome in so long due to my busy-ness. But when I found out about it and that it was in Dallas, I knew I had to go! From this event, I hope to take away stronger relationships with women I already know and build new relationships with friends I will make through Jesus. I pray that we can experience together an amazing, in your face, God moment that we will remember always. I hope to be broken and renewed when it is all over.

I am a shy person. As in, I don’t like to open up about my personal life. I can talk about anything else but when it comes to my heart, it is very hard to share…even with my own husband and closes friends. I am trusting in the Lord and giving Him that fear daily because I know the story he has written for my life is very important to share. I know He doesn’t want me to bottle it up and because I love Him, I will tell everyone what He has done for me. And I hope my story glorifies Him and encourages others!

Something random about me…I drink coffee morning, noon, and night without it affecting my sleep cycle (probably cause I am immuned to caffeine!), I always choose the food I eat by how crunchy the texture is…the crunchier the better, and sometimes I wish I could be on the cast of SNL because I think to make people laugh is the best.

See you all at Hope Spoken!