best shower faucet set

How to choose the best shower faucet set

The best way to start and end the day is by taking a bath. Taking a shower right after waking up makes you feel fresh the whole day, and repeating it in the evening after having a tiresome day relieves the stress and makes you feel comfortable. This is why you need to have the best shower faucet set that can serve you for long. Get your day on the right track by using the best products for showers to bath.

Maybe you are on a hunt for a new shower faucet set and don’t know how to get the best one? Sometimes it is hectic to choose the best. However, this can be a thing of the past if you know what you need. By this, I mean there are other bathroom features, and you want to match them with the new shower faucet set; you need to know the number of holes drilled to accommodate the faucet and many other features.

You can quickly determine the shower faucet you want to install in your bathroom with that in mind. Here are tips to take you through everything you should know when choosing the best shower faucet set to mount in your bathroom.

best shower faucet set

Tips to help you choose the best shower faucet set

Consider the suitable shower valves

Shower valves are the plumbing parts that regulate the water flow of bathing the tap. The valves are controlled by an escutcheon and a handle, making them invisible. They come in manual and thermostatic options, which are somehow similar.

The best shower valves should have a device that can turn off the water flow if it exceeds the average temperature. Another critical aspect the valves should possess is the ability to prevent your shower from scalding you and losing cold water when cold water is used somewhere else, or the toilet is flushed.

Considering the shower valves before buying a shower faucet will help you make the right choice.

Choose the type and configuration

When buying a shower faucet, you can decide to either pick the all-in-one combination that has both the bathtub and the shower tap or the solo shower head. There are five different types of shower taps which are:

Rain showers

They are directly placed above the user’s head and splash water down. They are practically flat and large in size.

Single head spray shower heads

These showerheads have four or more nozzles that are adjustable and splash water in patterns.

Hand-held shower heads

They have a mono head sprayer hooked to a movable hose. Hand-held shower heads are efficient for the hard-to-get places and to wash hair. They prove most effective to those who sit In the shower and with limited mobility.

Body sprays

These shower faucets have numerous spray heads which can be mounted on the shower wall. They are either flat or compact and almost flush with the wall’s surface.

Multiple and dual shower heads

They have more than a single showerhead, and a single set of levels regulates the option. In most cases, they are mounted on the wall and can allow the user to control one or both at the same time.

That gives you a variety of options to choose from, depending on your taste and preference.

Understand the water pressure

Water pressure in your bathroom matters a lot when choosing the shower faucet you need to buy. You can buy a tester and screw it on the shower arm instead of the showerhead to check the water pressure. Most shower heads water pressure lies between 40 to 60 pounds per square inch.

While determining the water pressure, it is good to remember that clogs, old pipes which have a diameter of more than half an inch, and leaks reduce the pressure.

This factor is vital in helping you decide the shower faucet set you need to buy. If you have that knowledge, you can make an informed choice.

best shower faucet set

Consider the durability

We always hope it will give us service for a more extended period when purchasing anything. Showers are highly affected by salty water, giving us an excellent reason to consider the materials used to make the final product. In most cases, clog affects showers, but if you can select showers built with clog resistance materials, you are guaranteed a durable shower.

Consider your budget

Your budget determines the type of shower faucet set you can acquire. It is advisable to look for a shower that is within your budget. Going for something that is beyond your capacity leads to inconveniences. That means you will have to forego some other essential issues to accommodate the shower if it exceeds your budget.

Keep your expenditure within your budget and look for the correct shower faucet set. Faucets go for an average cost between $147 and $ 351. While purchasing the faucet, it is wise to remember the installations costs and maybe other renovations.

Consider accessories

There are various accessories to choose from. These accessories give you a hint about the faucet set you need. They include:


They shift the water flow from the spout to the showerhead where they are located. You activate the shower by pulling the diverters upward.

-Anti-scald valves

These valves prevent a sudden burst of water temperature in case somebody else in the house flushes the toilet.

-Hand showers

With hand showers, bathtub cleaning and rinsing off becomes much more manageable. However, you will need an extra hole in the wall to install it.

-Pressure balancing valves

These valves regulate the water temperature when the pressure drops abruptly.


Choosing the best shower faucet set depends on the consideration of the above-detailed factors. Knowing the pressure of the bath tap, the budget you had, the accessories, the configuration and type of the faucet, the suitable shower valves, and the durability of the shower will help you make the right choice. This is a guarantee of a quality shower purchase.