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Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Styles

The bathroom particularly the primary bathroom has more features than the mere washroom. It entails a place that guides in the refreshment and renewal process. Besides, it is a sanctuary that keeps one away from daily life stressors. Again, the bathroom entails a place with a true unwind of practices. While in the bathroom, you will get the chance of using hot soothing showers and bubble baths to ensure you are cleansed from grime and dirt that comes from the daily world. The wide renowned styles entail:

Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Styles

  • Contemporary Style Bathroom

The clutter-free and clean lines are expanses which gives great services, especially in the open space. Besides, the minimalist adornment entails a hallmark that gives the bathroom a contemporary style. You will come across metal accents and polished hardwood with a simple and clean color palette in the different décor types. Again, the dark and light elements guide the creation of an ideal visual contrast. Simplicity lay in the contemporary styling heart and focuses on the different kinds of details that are present.

  • Eclectic Style Bathroom

You will find that Eclectic styling comes with all things in inclusivity. The collection is carefully curated and guides in the design of elements which entails the eclectic bathroom décor. In the case of settings, be ready to expect what you would rarely expect to take place. Again, the fleur-de-lis Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Style entails a pattern with sparkling crystal and an unexpected yellow chandelier which is followed by a gold patina accent. Again, there is a variety of color choices, finishes, materials, and texture mix which comes with a similar style.

  • Modern Style Bathroom

The bathrooms which come with a modern style are simple, strong, and bold. Again, their straight lines come with defining features while the bathroom has a modern style. These unique styles are found in the artwork, sinks, and countertops. Another thing, there are different top quality materials which entail marbles, teak, porcelain, and stone. These are modern design common elements that offer an addition of the small pops whose color ranges from fresh greenery and art.

  • Traditional Style Bathroom

You will find that the traditional style bathroom gives extra emphasis on practicality, functionality, and comfort. Again, there are classic colors which are offering punctuation in the different design settings. More also, the marbles, tile, glass, contemporary styles, and polished wood belong to the traditional bathroom’s integral parts. The tone is neutral and makes the traditional bathrooms inviting, relaxing and comfortable.

  • Asian Style Bathroom

The Asian-style bathrooms are adorned sparingly and offer an extra emphasis on light, air, and space. Again, the green plants are fresh and guide in the accentuation of the general bathroom space. Thus, one acquires gentle bursts of contrast and color. Another thing, the bathroom with Asian style is known to utilize cream colors, beiges, and soft browns. At the same time, they are likely to feature tiles, marble, accents, and wood polished flooring.

  • Beach Style Bathroom

Generally, the Beachy style bathrooms come with unique design cues and the surrounding beauty of the ocean. There are aqua and water blue cool shades that guide the creation of a relaxing and calming effect. Their decorative ornamentation entails contemporary colors, ocean-themed art, sand, seashells, and jute fabrics. Their white crisp accents have a fresh burst which improves the bathroom vitality. Also, they are known to give a highlight of the green, subdued and cool hues.

  • Craftsman-Style Bathroom

The craftsman styling gives great emphasis on the handcrafted ad artisanal pieces which come with high levels of accents and details. Again, the Craftsman style is cabinetry which entails a great example for the intricate whose details offer abundant style. Another thing, you will find that durability and quality are the durability and quality aims found in the Craftsman bathroom.

  • Farmhouse Style Bathroom

You will find that the Farmhouse style bathrooms are very popular, particularly these days. They entail part country and part rustic which comes with a modern flair. Again, the bathrooms come in a farmhouse style which gives great unique details. More also, the sliding barn doors found in the tracks entail a popular design element.


Which bathroom style pleased you the most? It is high time you make your selection and thus start using this style in your home. Regardless of the style you pick from this list, you will end up with unique and quality services. Get more information on shower mixer and bathroom design styles on

July 4th

First, thank you to everybody’s sweet comments about the quilt. It was so hard not to want to share it while I was making it but I knew I wanted to Ashley to be the first one to see it. I’m working hard on another quilt right now to make a pattern for! Should I share a sneak peek? Maybe…just maybe.

For the 4th, Ben had to work so me and the little guy headed over to our friend’s house for some outside fun and grilling. My kiddo had so much fun with his friends in the little kiddie pool in the back yard.

July 4th


July 4th

I’ve owned a DSLR for 2 years now and finally decided to start putting it into good use. I had only been using it to take pics of my products. I had a friend teach me how a photographer thinks when setting up my camera to take pics. Then I edited them and put actions on them. I really like what I was able to capture for my first “real” time! I just ordered a 50mm f/1.4 lens and I am super pumped to play around some more when it comes in!


This is the newest kiddo in our group, Lydia Joy. Yes, she has my middle name. It’s my bestie from college’s little girl. My friends called me A.J. in high school and college so it only makes sense that I call her baby L.J., right? She is the cutest thing ever. Makes this boy mom want a little girl!

Don’t forget, Wednesday is the last day to enter in the giveaway for a copy of the My Song Quilt Pattern. Good luck!