Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Styles

The bathroom particularly the primary bathroom has more features than the mere washroom. It entails a place that guides in the refreshment and renewal process. Besides, it is a sanctuary that keeps one away from daily life stressors. Again, the bathroom entails a place with a true unwind of practices. While in the bathroom, you will get the chance of using hot soothing showers and bubble baths to ensure you are cleansed from grime and dirt that comes from the daily world. The wide renowned styles entail:

Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Styles

  • Contemporary Style Bathroom

The clutter-free and clean lines are expanses which gives great services, especially in the open space. Besides, the minimalist adornment entails a hallmark that gives the bathroom a contemporary style. You will come across metal accents and polished hardwood with a simple and clean color palette in the different décor types. Again, the dark and light elements guide the creation of an ideal visual contrast. Simplicity lay in the contemporary styling heart and focuses on the different kinds of details that are present.

  • Eclectic Style Bathroom

You will find that Eclectic styling comes with all things in inclusivity. The collection is carefully curated and guides in the design of elements which entails the eclectic bathroom décor. In the case of settings, be ready to expect what you would rarely expect to take place. Again, the fleur-de-lis Shower mixers and Bathroom Design Style entails a pattern with sparkling crystal and an unexpected yellow chandelier which is followed by a gold patina accent. Again, there is a variety of color choices, finishes, materials, and texture mix which comes with a similar style.

  • Modern Style Bathroom

The bathrooms which come with a modern style are simple, strong, and bold. Again, their straight lines come with defining features while the bathroom has a modern style. These unique styles are found in the artwork, sinks, and countertops. Another thing, there are different top quality materials which entail marbles, teak, porcelain, and stone. These are modern design common elements that offer an addition of the small pops whose color ranges from fresh greenery and art.

  • Traditional Style Bathroom

You will find that the traditional style bathroom gives extra emphasis on practicality, functionality, and comfort. Again, there are classic colors which are offering punctuation in the different design settings. More also, the marbles, tile, glass, contemporary styles, and polished wood belong to the traditional bathroom’s integral parts. The tone is neutral and makes the traditional bathrooms inviting, relaxing and comfortable.

  • Asian Style Bathroom

The Asian-style bathrooms are adorned sparingly and offer an extra emphasis on light, air, and space. Again, the green plants are fresh and guide in the accentuation of the general bathroom space. Thus, one acquires gentle bursts of contrast and color. Another thing, the bathroom with Asian style is known to utilize cream colors, beiges, and soft browns. At the same time, they are likely to feature tiles, marble, accents, and wood polished flooring.

  • Beach Style Bathroom

Generally, the Beachy style bathrooms come with unique design cues and the surrounding beauty of the ocean. There are aqua and water blue cool shades that guide the creation of a relaxing and calming effect. Their decorative ornamentation entails contemporary colors, ocean-themed art, sand, seashells, and jute fabrics. Their white crisp accents have a fresh burst which improves the bathroom vitality. Also, they are known to give a highlight of the green, subdued and cool hues.

  • Craftsman-Style Bathroom

The craftsman styling gives great emphasis on the handcrafted ad artisanal pieces which come with high levels of accents and details. Again, the Craftsman style is cabinetry which entails a great example for the intricate whose details offer abundant style. Another thing, you will find that durability and quality are the durability and quality aims found in the Craftsman bathroom.

  • Farmhouse Style Bathroom

You will find that the Farmhouse style bathrooms are very popular, particularly these days. They entail part country and part rustic which comes with a modern flair. Again, the bathrooms come in a farmhouse style which gives great unique details. More also, the sliding barn doors found in the tracks entail a popular design element.


Which bathroom style pleased you the most? It is high time you make your selection and thus start using this style in your home. Regardless of the style you pick from this list, you will end up with unique and quality services. Get more information on shower mixer and bathroom design styles on

most suitable Apple Watch band for your style

How to choose the most suitable Apple Watch band for your style

The watchband is a vital part of a style, which is more than just a functional accessory. As more and more people buy Apple Watch, more and more choices of watch bands will be presented to us. So what kind of Apple Watch band would be the most suitable for your style? How do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips on how to pick the best band for your style.

Use- First, consider what type of activities you’ll be using your watch for. If you’re mostly going to be using it for workouts, you’ll need a watch band that is durable and can withstand moisture. If you’re going to be using it for everyday activities, you’ll want a band that is comfortable and lightweight.

most suitable Apple Watch band for your style

Look– Think about what type of look you want your watch to have. Do you want it to be sleek and modern, or more classic and timeless? There are bands to match every style, so you can find one that perfectly suits your personality. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern look that matches your personality, metal or leather bands are perfect. These types of bands help give your watch a more sophisticated appearance. If you’re looking for something classy and timeless, leather is the way to go. Leather bands never go out of style and always look polished.

Color – Also consider is the color of the band. There are many different colors to choose from, so you can find one that matches your style. The color of the band tells more about the person who owns it.

Texture – Additionally, you’ll want to consider the texture of the band. Some bands are smooth and sleek, while others have a more rugged look and feel. Consider what type of activities you’ll be using your watch for, as well as your style when choosing the right texture for you.

Material – The next thing to think about is the material of the band. There are three main types of materials: leather, metal, and silicone. Leather bands are classic and timeless, metal bands are sleek and modern, and silicone bands are durable and moisture-resistant.

Size – The next thing to think about is the size of the band. Apple Watch bands come in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large. Size is an important factor to consider to get the right fit for your wrist. Make sure you choose the right size for your watch.

Style – The last thing to think about is the style of the band. There are many different styles to choose from, so you can find one that matches your personality and needs. Style is a crucial part of choosing a band since it speaks more about who owns it than anything else.

Comfort and lightweight – If you’re going to be using your watch for everyday activities, you’ll want a band that is comfortable and lightweight. Such a band helps you do your daily tasks without feeling weighed down.

Health – If you want to wear your watch all day long, you’ll need a band with health benefits. Some of them include natural weight loss, better posture, improved circulation, and more energy throughout the day. Not only will these bands help you stay healthy, but they look great and provide a comfortable fit.

Weatherproof – If you plan on using your watch for workouts or other outdoor activities, you’ll need a band that can withstand moisture. Go for silicone made, so it can absorb sweat without damaging the material of the band.

Budget – If you’re on a budget, there are many affordable Apple Watch bands available for you. Apple Watch bands can range in price from around $25 to $200, so choose the one that fits your budget and needs. You can find a wide range of affordable and quality Apple watch bands on this website.

So, whether you’re looking for Apple Watch bands that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, or durable and waterproof, you can find one that fits your needs. Use the above factors to find the best Apple Watch band for your style.

right Apple Watch band for workout

A guide for picking the right Apple Watch band for workout

The Apple Watch is a versatile device for various activities, including workouts. A few significant differences are in form factor and design when picking an Apple Watch band. There are many great options, and it’s about figuring out what’s suitable for you. The following are factors to consider to get the right Apple Watch band for your workout:

right Apple Watch band for workout

1. Compatibility

Before you buy a new Apple Watch band, it’s essential to confirm that it is compatible with your device. The last thing you want to do is buy a new bar for your Watch only to find out it needs to be more consistent. Luckily, Apple has a handy compatibility check tool that is easy to use. You can also search Apple’s website for full details of Watch compatibility.

2. Sports and fitness features

There are some great features built into the Watch that are fitness-focused. These include the PPG heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, and others. In addition, a workout app can be downloaded to your device if you don’t have one. This can include workouts and training plans to get you started.

3. Comfort

Sometimes, a regular band is more comfortable than one specially made for the Watch. For example, sometimes the Watch might feel larger than you’d like, and a custom band helps. Custom bands are also great if you’re trying to avoid skin irritation that may occur with certain materials. The last thing you want to do while exercising is to remove your Apple Watch because it’s feeling too tight on your wrist.

4. Colors and materials

There are plenty of options for colors and materials, including metal, leather, and more. The color doesn’t always matter, but the material can impact comfort. For example, leather bands are more comfortable than metal ones, but metal ones look nicer and sturdier. The type of material you get depends on how much you love that particular look and how comfortable it is.

5. Price

You can find custom Apple Watch bands for pretty reasonable prices. The last thing you want to do is buy something that might not withstand your workout routine. Opening up your pocketbook to pay for a new band is optional, though, as there are plenty of options for reasonable costs. CXSbands is one online retailer that can provide high-quality, inexpensive Apple Watch sports bands for those in need.

6. Fit

A wristband should fit as snugly as possible while you’re exercising without causing any irritation. Getting a custom band or one made by Apple that has this excellent fit and feel is essential. It would be best if you didn’t worry about your Apple Watch during training or workouts. The best workout apple watch band is one that you don’t even notice, as it is so well-designed.


As with any product, Apple Watch bands vary in price, quality, and style. The Watch is not as eye-catching or stylish as a good band regarding workouts and other athletic pursuits. As such, a good-looking custom band will play a significant role in what your Watch looks like during these exercises.

What to wear with a green bomber jacket for men

A green bomber jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in various ways. It can be dressed up or down and worn for formal and informal occasions. Here are some tips on wearing a men’s green bomber jacket.

How to Wear a Green Bomber Jacket for Men

With a T-Shirt and Jeans: A green bomber jacket can be worn with a T-shirt and jeans for a casual look. For example, you could wear a white T-shirt with blue jeans and a green bomber jacket.

With a Button-Down Shirt and Chinos: A green bomber jacket can also be worn with a button-down shirt and chinos for a more dressed-up look. For example, you could wear a light blue button-down shirt with tan chinos and a green bomber jacket.

With a Sweater and Jeans: A men’s green bomber jacket can also be worn with a sweater and jeans for a comfortable and stylish look. For example, you could wear a black sweater with blue jeans and a green bomber jacket.

With a Dress Shirt and trousers: For a more formal look, you could wear a green bomber jacket with a dress shirt and trousers. For example, you could wear a white dress shirt with grey trousers and a green bomber jacket.

green bomber jacket for men

How to choose the best bomber jacket

A green bomber jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in various ways. It can be dressed up or down and worn for formal and informal occasions. Here are some tips on choosing the best green bomber jacket for men.

Materials: Bomber jackets are usually made from leather, wool, or cotton. If you want a durable jacket that will last long, choose one made from leather or wool. If you want a more affordable and comfortable jacket, then choose one made from cotton.

Size: When choosing a bomber jacket, choose one that fits you well. The jacket should not be too loose or too tight. It should also be long enough to cover your waist.

Color: Bomber jackets are available in a variety of different colors. Choose a color that goes well with your other clothing items. For example, if you have a lot of black clothing, you could choose a green bomber jacket.

Price: Bomber jackets can be expensive, so make sure to choose one within your budget. You can find bomber jackets made from different materials and in different price ranges.

Style: Bomber jackets come in a variety of different styles. Choose a style that you like that goes well with your other clothing items. For example, if you have a lot of casual clothing, you could choose a bomber jacket with a hood.


A green bomber jacket mens is a versatile and stylish piece of clothing that can be worn in various ways. It can be dressed up or down and worn for formal and informal occasions. Use the tips above to help you choose the best green bomber jacket for men.

Apple Watch Band Is Suitable For Men In Summer

What Type Of Apple Watch Band Is Suitable For Men In Summer

During summer, the weather is warm, and the heat tends to make your arms swell and sweat more. However, that should not hinder you from wearing one of the latest masculine Apple watches. It all starts with a comfortable watch band for summer. A watch is an effortless way for men to compliment any outfit and reveal their sense of fashion. The weather should not stop you from showing off you Apple watch, just get the right watch band and you are good to go. You can pick the best men’s Apple Watch bands here that include:

Apple Watch Band Is Suitable For Men In Summer

Leather Deployant

The leather deployant bands come with a great sense of style. Since they are made of genuine leather, they are comfortable even when the heat is too much. Every gentleman looking for a refined classy gentleman appearance can rock this Apple watch leather band during summer without compromising their comfort. However, it doesn’t do well for men who like swimming to cool down. Sweat and water can ruin your durable leather strap if it’s exposed to too much moisture. If you sweat a lot, wear your leather deployant in the evening when there is less heat.


A watchband made of perforated leather is light and allows air circulation on the skin even on a hot day. The skin can breathe through the holes on the strap. Besides, putting some holes on the band sheds some weight and reduces sweating or irritation caused by too much heat.

Perforated Apple watch bands are timeless, and they do not lose their fashion appeal regardless of the season. They come with smartly stitched edges and tapered shapes for men. Above all, you can easily find a color to match your outfits and your Apple watch finish.

If you are looking for the best fashionable Apple watch band for summer, a perforated leather strap is ideal. You can wear it during the day when the temperatures are very high or in the evening. The perforations enhance airflow while giving every gentleman a stylish look.

Monowear Nylon Active Vibe Bands

Monowear Nylon bands are lightweight and available in several beautiful colors. This lightweight nylon has color-changing patches activated through sunlight or heat. They come with stainless steel adaptors that match with Apple watch finishes effortlessly. Besides feeling light on the arm, it is durable, steady, and comfortable on a hot day. They are lovely and the ultimate fashion for men who are not afraid to wear colorful watch bands.

These watchbands are among the most innovative ideas you can use on Apple watches. The plaster’s color brightens when exposed to sunlight or heat and goes back to its original color when temperatures are down.

Watch straps are the main beauty of a watch. However, in summer, you have to consider the functionality. It should comfortable and friendly to the skin. If a leather strap doesn’t work for your skin, try a nylon one or keep exploring the market until you find the prefect one for you. Pick the best men’s Apple Watch bands here. There must be one that will suit your needs.

July 4th

First, thank you to everybody’s sweet comments about the quilt. It was so hard not to want to share it while I was making it but I knew I wanted to Ashley to be the first one to see it. I’m working hard on another quilt right now to make a pattern for! Should I share a sneak peek? Maybe…just maybe.

For the 4th, Ben had to work so me and the little guy headed over to our friend’s house for some outside fun and grilling. My kiddo had so much fun with his friends in the little kiddie pool in the back yard.

July 4th


July 4th

I’ve owned a DSLR for 2 years now and finally decided to start putting it into good use. I had only been using it to take pics of my products. I had a friend teach me how a photographer thinks when setting up my camera to take pics. Then I edited them and put actions on them. I really like what I was able to capture for my first “real” time! I just ordered a 50mm f/1.4 lens and I am super pumped to play around some more when it comes in!


This is the newest kiddo in our group, Lydia Joy. Yes, she has my middle name. It’s my bestie from college’s little girl. My friends called me A.J. in high school and college so it only makes sense that I call her baby L.J., right? She is the cutest thing ever. Makes this boy mom want a little girl!

Don’t forget, Wednesday is the last day to enter in the giveaway for a copy of the My Song Quilt Pattern. Good luck!


unique bathroom style

Some creative designs to make your bathroom unique

Make great design choices

While many people are creative, some of those innovative ideas clash. Making the right decisions and knowing what not to put together is important. All it takes is a few good ideas and your bathroom will look better than ever.

To help you get those ideas here are some creative designs to make your bathroom look unique.

Tips to help you create the perfect bathroom

#1. The shower faucet

It is a little device but it can add so much to your bathroom’s look. The good news about this aspect of your design efforts is that you get so many shower faucets to choose from.

While colonne douche noir can be stylish and very durable, the copper or brass options provide your room with a little class. Also, the copper or brass shower faucets resist corrosion helping them to last a long time.

#2. Use colors wisely

Bright orange may be your favorite color but in a small bathroom, it is not going to be a calming or comfortable color to see. The bathroom is where you want to relax so you need to use those colors that provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Stay away from high color contrasts and go for the softer shades. The latter helps you get a feeling of calm. Don’t forget you can complete the look with the right sink and tub hardware.

make your bathroom unique

#3. Less is more

For some people, the bathroom is the catch-all room for cosmetics and other necessities. These items can clutter up the room to the point you cannot relax. You never know when you will accidentally knock an expensive bottle of perfume off the counter.

To help you have a unique bathroom design, take away the clutter and throw away expired medicines, make-up, and other toiletries. Add some storage space and organize your room so that you can move freely without worrying about knocking something over.

The extra storage space can include, baskets, cabinets, and shelving that compliment your colors and the look you are going for.

#4. Add a bench

Showers are not just for a quick cleaning where you get in splash some soap on you and then rinse off before exiting. it can be a very calming and relaxing spot that helps you get rid of the cares of the day.

To do that and make your bathroom design unique, add a nice bamboo bench. The bench will not only add some nice color to the room but also give you a place to sit, relax or store your shower necessities.

#5. Add some rugs

Bathroom floors can be cold and hard. Not quite the feeling you want when you are trying to relax from a hard day. The right rugs can tie the room altogether while making sure your feet have a soft, warm area to walk on.

These rugs should add a little coziness to the room. Just make sure the material in the rugs does not encourage mold or mildew growth and can withstand a little heat and steam. Rugs come in some great colors to help you get the right design for your bathroom.

#6. Brighten your bathroom

This can be done by adding the right reflective surfaces. Mirrors, chrome surfaces, polished tiles, and more can reflect the light making your smaller room look and feel like your living room.

The more light inside the better you will feel.

#7. Add some plants

The reason you find many spas built way ou tin nature is that the natural decor of the unspoiled area is very calming and relaxing. While you cannot build your bathroom out in nature, you can bring nature to your bathroom.

Adding a few plants will help you create that spa-like look and feel. Your body and mind should relax once you step inside that bathroom design.

Some final words

Your bathroom does not have to be boring to be practical or functional. You have a lot of freedom to be creative and make sure your bathroom is unique. All you have to do is incorporate the right ideas that complement each other.

Enjoy a great shower experience at home

There is nothing like a good shower

A little time with hot water flowing down your body can make a world of difference to your day or night’s sleep. It can also help you interact with others as the troubles of the day were washed away in a few minutes.

To participate in this situation there are many ways to help you enjoy a great shower experience at home. All you have to do is continue reading our article. It is filled with the information you want to know about in order to elevate your shower time to new levels.

shower experience

Setting the mood

This is one of the best ways to have a great shower experience at your house. it is really not that hard to set the right mood for your shower. All you will need will be some scented candles or an oil burner to heat up some essential oils and some good music.

The music should be soft, relaxing, and not overpowering. You want to relax not have your troubles pounded away by loud beat-heavy tunes. The last item you need to set the mood for your shower time is time.

Turn the timer or clock off and just take your time enjoying the streams of hot water that come from your duscharmatur mit thermostat.

Use the right techniques

It is how you shower that can help enhance your relaxing time. There are several steps to help you get the right technique down so your time in the shower is the best it has ever been.

#1. Use the right shower faucet- instead of using the standard once size fits all shower faucet, splurge. get one that has multiple settings so you can customize the speed and style of water coming out of the faucet.

#2. Pick the right temperature- be like Goldilocks and make sure the water temperature is just right. Or you can start off with cold to help your muscles recover or go straight to hot. It is all up to you how hot your water gets.

#3. Do the hard parts of your routine first- Get that hair out of the way and wash it first. Then you can take your time washing the rest of your body. Take your time while you are at it.

#4. Get out of the shower- when you feel refreshed get out. The longer you stay in the less of an experience you will have. Also, make sure to wrap yourself up warm immediately to keep that experience going. A nice towel will do the trick

shower experience

Have a little fun

Showers are not meant to be tired, dreary, or boring times. To spice up your shower experience add a few activities that will add some fun to your alone time. Here are a few suggestions:

#1. Sing- whether you can carry a tune or not, singing adds some fun to your shower. If you are not a great singer, make sure no one else is home or close the windows so the neighbors can’t hear you. If you are, let the whole world know about your talent.

#2. Include your favorite beverage- for those 21 and older, this may mean having a nice shower beer or some other alcoh9olic beverage. Wine is nice if your experience includes having you relax totally. Or go for some other non-alcoholic beverage you like.

#3. Have a companion join you- this situation can really spice up your shower time and make it romantic or just interesting. One thing is for sure, it will be more fun.

#4. Think- many people do not get the space they need at any other time. Using your shower to think about your life, relationships, children, and so on, is a good use of a shower. You can have a great experience when you solve problems or find solutions to difficult business situations.

Some final words

Your shower time does not have to be the same old thing day after day. There are ways to make it more exciting and enjoyable. You can enhance that private time by being creative and innovative.

Just make sure to use some common sense and stay in the world of reasonable activities. Going too far will be a sure way of ruining your shower time.